Don’t Be Lazy – Weekend Manly Motivation

dont be lazyBeing lazy is a real quick way to loose the respect and admiration of your family.  Your family relies on you to hold your end of the chores and duties.  You cannot use excuses to get out of doing your work.  Excuses are a very quick way to show how unreliable you are.  I am going to go through a few tips to make sure that you have no reasons to not get your tasks finished.  Once you are finished listening to this episode of Weekend Manly Motivation, you will be ready to take on all your tasks that is needed to get done for the weekend.

This is your Weekend Manly Motivation.  A short podcast designed to give you a quick shot of motivation so that you are ready to crush your weekend activities.  Lasting anywhere between 5-10 minutes per episode, you are able to get a quick kick in the butt to make sure that your weekend is both productive and relaxing.

How do I keep from being lazy?

  • Do the tasks you hate first
  • Reserve the tasks you enjoy for last
  • Write down everything you need to get done for the day
    • I use a write in the rain pad
      • make sure you use the partnered amazon store to purchase yours
  • Use Google Docs Spreadsheet to prioritize your tasks
  • Make time for your duties and chores

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