How to get along with the In-Laws

how to get along with in-lawsYou do not just marry the girl, you marry the whole family.  Regardless of how you feel about them, you have to find a way to get along with the in-laws.  This can be a tricky situation to find yourself in.  Rather or not you are first meeting them or established within the family, you have to at least try.  Try to have a relationship with them for the sake of your marriage.  It is a hallmark of a Gentleman to be able to get along with people if differing ideas.

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How do you get along with your in-laws?

  • Tips to getting the in-laws to like you
    • pay attention to your surroundings
    • get to know them
    • be formal around them
    • be honest
    • Take initiative around them
  • How to deal with them if you are way to different
    • stand up for yourself
    • don’t talk about subjects that you don’t want to talk about
    • keep a healthy distance between you and them
    • know that you can pull the plug on the night
  • My own personal situation
  • And if all else fails, how to deal with them for a few hours at a time
    • keep your head low
    • let your spouse end the night, not you
    • stay off your phone
    • be respectful

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