Be a Beacon of Positivity

beacon of positivityThe Gentleman is a Beacon of positivity and happiness in a fog of hate and negativity.  This is the topic of the day.  We all know that guy that you cannot have a conversation with without him complaining or whining about something.  As a gentleman, we should be wanting to attract people in our lives, not push them away.  I am going to give you my best tactics on how to stay positive in a world that is bent on focusing on the negative.

We just got through one of the worst presidential elections in recent history.  This election has done a lot to further divide the nation into different camps.  With all of the negative thinking and negative talk that has been thrown around, there is a need to people to be positive.  Not only does it make everyone happier, but it is clinically proven to have very positive health benefits.  Who needs more to know than you can live longer just by being a positive person!?


How do I exude positivity?

  • My thoughts about the trend on twitter bashing 2016
  • Tactics you can use to be more positive in your own life
  • Focus on what you can control versus what you cannot control
  • Find the good in every situation
  • Smile more
  • How to prepare to be happy
  • Refuse to say negative things
  • Your motivation to start being more positive

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