Skilled Gentlemen Podcast Christmas Special 2016

christmasChristmas is a special time of year for all of us.  It is a time for us to sit around and converse.  A time for us to drink and be merry.  It is a time for gifts and a time for remembrance.  Christmas is filled with history and mythology dating back well before our time and deserves a look.  As gentlemen we should be able to look at history of man and learn, if not just for fun.  As you start your way to bed tonight, I ask you to remember a few things.

Remember the firefighters that are on duty tonight that spend their time away from their family, the police offers that are on duty tonight running down drunk drivers,  EMS is working on keeping people alive in their time of need, and our service members of the military as they spend their time away from family.  Do not take your time for granted, enjoy yourselves and be merry.  I will be looking forward to more podcasts in 2016.


  • The history of the Christmas Tree
  • The history of the Yule Log
  • Why do we hang mistletoe
  • The history behind Santa Claus
  • Who is Krampus
  • Why do we celebrate on December 25
  • My view on Christmas


December the 16th is the last show that I will produce of 2016.  I hope to be able to get some videos out during this time and to take some well deserved rest for the holidays.  Skilled Gentlemen Podcast will return on January 2nd for the first show of 2017.  I say this so that you know that I am not shutting down the podcast for good, but just for a few days.

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