A Look Back at 2016 – What happened in the world, nation, and in my life

look back at 2016Now that 2016 is drawing to an end, a Gentleman needs to jump at the opportunity to look over what has happened.  We have come through a really tough year with all of the riots and the election nonsense that was going on.  As a gentleman you should take the opportunity to look back and see what happened in your own life.  What went right, what went wrong, what you wanted to change, and what changed are all needed to be addressed.

Rather or not you feel like the election went the way that you wanted it to go, you should be optimistic about 2017.  At some point in time you should start thinking about how you want 2017 to be better than 2016.  Then make a plan and stick to it.  Use this next year as an opportunity to be a better you.

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Lets look back at 2016:

  • How the world survived 2016
  • What happened in the United States this year
  • How did my homestead and Skilled Gentlemen Podcast survive 2016
  • What does 2017 have in store for SGP
  • Why I am optimistic about 2017


I talked about on the show today about how I am moving the homesteading big oak homesteadvideos from the SGP Youtube Account to the Big Oak Homestead YouTube account.  Here is the link to that channel.  While you are there, click the subscribe button.

December the 16th is the last show that I will produce of 2016.  I hope to be able to get some videos out during this time and to take some well deserved rest for the holidays.  Skilled Gentlemen Podcast will return on January 2nd for the first show of 2017.  I say this so that you know that I am not shutting down the podcast for good, but just for a few days.

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