Ghost Stories Special 2016

ghost stories 2016Halloween is a wonderful time of year when we get to sit down beside the virtual campfire and tell ghost stories.  I personally love ghost stories and Halloween gives you the perfect reason to let your mind wonder into a place that makes you want a nightlight.  With all of the stress of normal life, who does not like their creative side taking the wheel for a while.  Give yourself the permission to believe in ghosts and ghouls and get into the Halloween spirit for a few moments.

Today I go through a few ghost stories that I found while searching over the internet.  The last story, however, is a work of my own.  The story is not one that is false.  It is a 100% true story that I experienced myself.  So sit back with a cup of tea in the dark and enjoy this special time of year.  Reverting back to your primal instinct of being afraid of the dark is not helpful except for one time of year.  You never know what could be the cause of the bump in the night or the whisper in your ear.



Ghost Stories 2016

  • The little girl that was not there
  • How likely is it that zombies will walk the earth
  • Terrifying diseases that can kill
  • 2 sentence ghost stories
  • Whispers – My own experience

Resources used in today’s show:

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