How to Survive a Hurricane

how to survive a hurricaneWe are right in the middle of the hurricane season.  We just got through hurricane Matthew with decimated parts of Florida and up to Virginia.  Were you prepared for it?  The sobering fact that most people are not prepared for something like this is troubling.  As gentlemen we should be prepared to make that decision to either stay in or get out of dodge of the storm.  If you stay in, do you know what you need?  If you go, do you know what you need?  There are too many people that are not prepared for either situation or even know which decision they should choose.

This is the topic of discussion today.  Hurricanes are not something we can stop from occurring, but we can get more educated and more prepared for the eventuality that it could come through and effect us.  As the man of the family, we have to be ready to pull the trigger and make the decision to stay or leave.

Mentioned in the podcast today are the items that safecastle has to offer for your hurricane preparedness:

safecastle Fraternity of Gentlemen

How do you survive a hurricane?

    • Dangers associated with hurricanes
    • How to make the bug in/out decision
    • Stay in kit
    • Bug out kit
    • How to stay in contact with your family if separated
    • Q&A with a listener that got his wife through hurricane Matthew

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  1. Tis the Season! This is very helpful!

  2. Thank you @berberman

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