Surviving a Riot with Speaking Apes Podcast Part 1 of 2

surviving a riotRecently there was a riot that came really close to myself and more importantly, my family.  I had the opportunity to sit down with a very enlightened podcast and speak about the situation that our nation is in currently.  We can all agree that there needs to be some changes.  Our nation cannot begin to heal it’s wounds before we have a very real and very organic conversation about what is happening.  It is the same effect of putting hydrogen peroxide on a cut.  It is going to hurt and you might not like it, but it is the beginning of the healing process.

Fred and Harlin from the Speaking Apes Podcast sat down with me and discussed surviving a riot.  No matter what opinion you have about the subject, you should know how to extract yourself from a rioting situation.  We dove into the subject in great detail and a little about the philosophy of it all.

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How do you survive a riot?

  • How can you soothe people before a riot occurs
  • What has to happen to heal a community after an incident
  • How to prepare ahead of time
  • What I use to stay up to date on possible riots
  • The use of Facebook live as a tool for staying informed
  • How to get out of a riot and why

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