Pumpkin Spice Porter Brew

pumpkin spice porterI just finished my pumpkin spice porter beer.  Last night I opened it and it had an the most intoxicating smell.  The smell has a stronger pumpkin smell with the traditional hint of cinnamon.  The taste is even better.  It almost makes you want to get your ugg boots and your yoga pants on.  This is the perfect beer of the fall season.  The only downside is that I only brewed a 5 gallon batch!

As I have always said, if you can cook a box of rice you can brew a batch of beer.  The steps are simple and you will be able to brew your own by watching my YouTube video where I walk through the steps that I took to brew my batch of Pumpkin Spice Porter.

Thank you to Hop Goblin for making this process possible!  Visit their website and purchase your own ingredient kit.


The Pumpkin Spice Porter Brew video

Yes, this video is pretty long, however it takes your through EVERYTHING you need to know about brewing this beer.  No steps are removed and all explanations are spelled out for you.  While you are watching the video you can pick up your Pumpkin Spice Porter 5 Gallon Extract Kit from HopGoblin.com.  Hurry up though, you need to act fast because it is a seasonal item.

Do you need a more “broken down” view of the brew process?

I took the time to make sure that I made different videos from different parts of the brew process.  Brewing is really easy and a lot of fun to do.  If you are looking for a new hobby or skill, you have found a very rewarding one.  Follow these really easy steps and you can have your own batch of beer.

The beer brewed with this past process was a Red Ale.  This is one of the simpler kinds of beer to brew.  Great for the fall or spring.


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