6 Fixes A Homeowner Can Make Themself

6 things homeowner should fixYou might not be a handyman but you can fix a lot of things that break in your home.  As a homeowner you should know the basics.  You should not be calling in the experts to do the simple things that a child can do.  That is my mission today, to teach you how to fix the minor things that break in the house.  By being able to fix minor issues, as a homeowner, you can keep from spending hundreds of thousands of dollars on simple fixes.  Not only are you saving money, you are growing your skill list and ability to work around your house.

However, as a man you should know your limits and when to call someone.  Even though you are the homeowner and you are a man, you have your limits.  Don’t burn your house down because you were too stubborn to call someone.

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What should a homeowner be able to fix?

  • Electrical outlet replacement
  • Light Switch replacement
  • Clogged Sink
  • Sink Disposal Repair
  • Drywall Fix
  • Leaking Toilet
  • Sidewalk Cracking
  • When should you call someone
  • The question of the day

Resource used today in making this podcast:

Primer Magazine

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