Building a Farm on the Cheap

building a farm for cheapBuilding a full sized farm is not an endeavor that most people will take on.  The biggest reason is because it is so expensive to start up.  What if I could convince you that ,regardless of what you call your farm, that you can build one that wont break your budget.  I go through all of the different tactics that I have used throughout the past few years to design my homestead.  Down to the questions that you need to ask yourself.  Then I talk about the projects that you will be doing and how to prioritize them based on your own parameters.  Lastly we discuss how to make these projects cost as little as possible.

In the show, I mentioned that you should listen to the podcast about permaculture zones and watch the YouTube video on the subject, here are those links.

safe castle

Fraternity of Gentlemen

How can you build a farm for cheap?

    • First steps to designing your farm
    • How to keep it cheap but not crappy
    • The advantages of having a small plot of land versus large
    • Why the experts are looking at the small plot designs

Do not forget that around Christmas 2016 I will be putting a book on the market.  The topic will be covering being an Executive Agent for the Family.  This is a step by step guide to taking your families safety into your own hands.  Making sure that you have done everything possible to keep them safe while you are on trips and out of town.  A lot of the topics covered will be 100% new to you and not mentioned on this podcast!  More details to come later.

Resources used in the making of this podcast episode:

  • All resources used were from the experiences and setbacks from creating my own homestead


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