What does September 11 mean to a firefighter

what does September 11 mean to a firefighterToday a few years ago we were thrust into a war that no one wanted to be apart of.  It all stemmed from a group of people that had hate in their hearts and decided to attack the United States of America.  Everyone remembers where they were at the time they heard that we were under attack.  Some of us were getting ready for work, some of us were at school getting our day started, 343 firefighters that day were getting their day started having no idea how their day would end.  We all have heard stories of how everyone felt and what firefighters did to help the victims of the attacks, but a story that is not told very often is how the fire service changed in response to the September 11 attacks.

Today as you go about your day, please take the time to stop by a fire station and thank the firefighters there or if you see a police officer at a coffee shop buy their cup of coffee.  No it is not necessary, but a kind gesture is always welcome.  Also take a moment to remember the families that were effected by the September 11 attacks.

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What does September 11 mean to a firefighter?

  • what happened to the service
  • how we changed
  • how we adapted to the changing world

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