A Gentleman’s Guide to Pregnancy

a gentlemans guide to pregnancyYou have just figured out that you are pregnant, what do you do now!?  To many men, this is both very exciting and extremely terrifying.  The major issue is that you have experience with caring for you and your spouse, now you have to face the unknown of caring for a child.  Some men will ignore the issue and just deal with the struggles and issues as they come.  Gentlemen face this head on and prepare for what is to come.  The effort today is going to be to answer the nagging problems that you have come up with in your mind.  Pregnancy comes with a lot of possible medical problems and money fears.


Fraternity of Gentlemen

How does a Gentleman survive a pregnancy?

  • What should we be concerned about medically
  • How to cut costs for the child without being negligent
  • What should men be doing during the pregnancy
  • Your plan for the big day
  • What is your job after the baby is born

Do not forget that around Christmas 2016 I will be putting a book on the market.  The topic will be covering being an Executive Agent for the Family.  This is a step by step guide to taking your families safety into your own hands.  Making sure that you have done everything possible to keep them safe while you are on trips and out of town.  A lot of the topics covered will be 100% new to you and not mentioned on this podcast!  More details to come later.

Resources used in the show:

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