Health Benefits of Herbal Tea with Red Dragon

health benefits of herbal tea with red dragonHerbal tea has many health benefits to it.  A few weeks ago I got in contact with Ryan from Red Dragon Herbs and asked for a sample of his herbal tea.  It was from then on that I decided that I was going to add this to my efforts to be healthier.  Ryan was gracious enough with his time to come onto the show and talk to us about herbal tea and really a beginners crash course on it.

Red Dragon Herbs is a small, family-owned business that creates artisan herbal tea blends and sources some of the world’s most fabled teas for our customers in the Des Moines, Iowa area and beyond.   Their mission is more than just getting our products out to our customers – They aim to educate their customers on the benefits and uses of herbs and tea.   Maybe even more than that, they hope to bring the history and folklore of these plants and the culture and customs of the people around the world that use them to their customers.     They strive to make doing business with us an experience that is enriching for your body and mind.

You can find more about RedDragonHerbs.Net  by checking out his…

Fraternity of Gentlemen

What am I going to learn about herbal tea on this podcast?

  • Tea versus Coffee
  • How to make your own from your garden
  • Where can we learn more about this
  • What are the top 3 sellers and why
  • Why was Red Dragon started

All information came from Ryan from RedDragonHerbs.Net

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