Beginner Meditation 101 from Counter Culturist

A few months ago I posted a show called Meditation for Gentlemen.  Linked is the podcast in which I took you through a guided meditation and explained the benefits of meditation.

I received an email from a blogger that had an article that had a great write up on meditating for beginners.


Kevin from the Counter Culturist did a great job writing up this article and I encourage you to head over and check out his work.

Just as a quick read from the beginning of the article.

Meditation for the Beginner by Counter Culturist

Meditation has seen a huge surge in popularity in recent years. Ask anyone and they’ve surely heard of meditation, or are trying to build a beginner meditation practice for themselves. But, far from being a trend, meditation is an ancient art that extends back thousands of years. Only now, are modern sciences beginning to validate the positive effects and benefits that are possible from the simple act of meditation.

Meditation is an old-school practice that’s seen a resurgence in popularity in recent years. Meditation is the art of mental stillness. It’s a practice that can enable a host of benefits from enhanced clarity, to reduced stress, increased happiness, and in the far reaches of the practice even enlightenment.

Meditation has been practiced by a variety of religious traditions over the years. Including Buddhism, Hinduism, and even Christianity. There are literally hundreds of different styles of meditation and techniques you can practice. Some are even conflicting ideas.

So, you might be wondering? Where do I start. Hopefully, with this post. This article will help you navigate through the sea of meditation information available and give you an overarching view of what meditation actually is, the best ways for beginners to develop a practice, as well as, a simple practice for getting started in less than five minutes.

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