Retirement for Young Gentlemen Part 2/2

Retirement for young gentlemen part 2The last podcast that I did had no answers in it.  Retirement for young gentlemen part 1 was a whole lot of depressing knowledge.  Part 2 has all my answers in it.  I went through everything that I can think of to start preparing for the day that I retire in ways that is harder for the government, economy, or some scum bag to devalue or take away.  These are some of the ultimate goals that I have for my family and myself over the next few decades.  I urge you to think about your own place in today’s financial world and if it is possible for you to retire when you want.  There are ways to do this without the stress of worrying about the economy and the stock market.

In the podcast today I spoke about and told you that I would link in show notes:

How should young gentlemen prepare for retirement

  • How much health insurance should I get
  • How to diversity your stock market portfolio
  • Where to find investment opportunities
  • Assets versus Liabilities
  • Building your own business
  • Viewing your home as an asset
  • How can your home value be brought down and raised
  • Investing in land
  • How to make the land value grow
  • How and where do I prepare to retire
  • The conclusion of the 2 part retirement series

Resources used in the show today

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