Permaculture Principals- Accept Feedback

permaculture principals accept feedbackThere is a new video on YouTube that you must watch on how I am using Permaculture Principals in my own yard to accept feedback.  I have made some mistakes in this process and need to address this.  I am not going to pretend that I know everything which is why permaculture does such a good job teaching us.  My front yard is a complete mess and it is my job to fix that.  I have planted things in the wrong places and now have to make sure that I fix those issues.

The steps that you should follow to accept feedback:

  1. Understand that you are not infallible and can make mistakes

You can do this by taking a step back and looking at what is going on.  In my case when I stood back I realized that my vision for the land was not what was reality.  After I finished being mad about the whole thing, I was able to accept that there were mistakes.  This is where you have to be ready to accept feedback and ready to listen to the land.

2.   Understand why this was a mistake

In my particular situation I knew that my mistake started with the fact that my plants were dehydrated.  When the sun gets over the house it really starts to bake this part of the land.  I needed irrigation a long time ago, just failed to do anything about it.  I added irrigation and my peppers, tomatoes, and lettuces started looking so much healthier after that.

3.  Be prepared to do something about it

How are you going to do something about the feedback that you have gotten?  I mention how I am going to work over the next year to move plants around and what my plans are to not make these mistakes again.

4.  Plan for the future

In permaculture you have to be prepared to plan for the future.  The future holds a lot for Big Oak Homestead.  I am personally prepared to take my mistakes with pride and learn from those.

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