Retirement for Young Gentlemen Part 1/2

retirement for young gentlemen part 1To a young gentleman, retirement cannot be further from a reality.  For some of us we have years before we ever have to start thinking about it.  Today I am going to convince you that you should be concerned about it.  We take a quick look through history of the U.S. economy and how retirement was effected by it.  This matters to us.  Rather you like it or not a lot of people have their retirement tied up along side of the economy in the form of stocks in their 401K.  There are people in the world that will rob, cheat, and steal your money from you.  We, as gentlemen, need to have a way to keep our retirement from slipping out of our hands.

Make sure you look out for part 2 of the podcast.  I will be talking about how to make sure that you have money when you retire.  This will be alternative ways to acquire money and assets over time to make sure that you have some ready for retirement.

Why should we be planning for our retirement as young men?

  • We look back over the past 30 years of our economy
  • Focus on what happened in 2008 when so many people lost their retirement
  • How our 401K, pension, 403b, and IRA is linked to the economy
  • How do we normally plan to retire
  • What can you do within your normal retirement plans
  • What is to come for part 2 of the podcast

Resources used to create this rant on the clowns that ran our economy into the ground!

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