Why Long Term Stored Food Belongs In A Gentlemans Pantry

why long term stored food belongs in a gentlemans pantryNumanna is a company that takes the long term food stored business and absolutely obliterates the competition.  They accomplish this by taking care to make sure their meals are not only nutritious but over engineering their packaging to make it last 25+ years.  Numanna brings a product to the table for everyone regardless of your allergies or food restrictions by being up front about what is in their packaging.  They include options that are GMO free, easy to prepare, organic super foods, gluten free, lactose free, and other allergies that you may want to avoid.  I brought Daniel on the show today to talk to us about Numanna and why you should consider adding long term stored food to your insurance program.  The fact that you know that you can feed your family during a time where a disaster can be ripping through your family is something that you should take very serious in your own life.  You can find Numanna’s social media links for Facebook, Twitter, Google+

You can find my youtube video review on the Sweet Habanaro Chili by visiting the YouTube page linked below.

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Why does long term food stored need to be in a Gentlemans pantry?

  • What Numanna is
  • Why long term stored food is important to have in your life
  • The shelf life of the freeze dried food
  • His top 3… or 6 favorite foods
  • How to break down the meals into individual servings
  • Why Numanna is superior to other freeze dried foods

You can find Numanna  by visiting http://numanna.com/ or by clicking on one of the hyperlinks in the notes.

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