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how can you help outSkilled Gentlemen Podcast is growing like a wildfire!  I am so happy that the show has come this far this quick.  However I still need your help!  I am taking this podcast to explain how far this show has come and how many people are interested in taking their lives and their own personal skills to the next level.  This podcast has been different from day one.  There are things that I do differently that other podcasts.  I wanted this podcast to be as open and as honest as I possibly could be without giving away all of my secrets.  With the popularity that this podcast has gained over the past year and a half, I know that the way that I do things works.  I just need your help to continue the rise of Skilled Gentlemen Podcast.

The membership program that is mentioned in the show today will be a future venture that will be presented in a podcast just as soon as I am ready to release the information.  In the mean time, start thinking how much value you get from this podcast and consider in joining up with the membership program.

How can you possibly help Skilled Gentlemen Podcast?

  • The social media accounts
  • What kind of value do I bring to you
  • How the podcast is growing
  • Where I get my ideas for topics from
  • What a future membership program looks like
  • Exactly what I am asking from you

There arent any research done in the making of this episode.

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