Your First Beer Brew

your first beer brewBrewing beer is not a hard but it can be intimidating to do.  In partnership with HopGoblin I have put together a basic guide to brewing your first batch of beer.  This guide is meant to break down how easy it is to make beer with the right kit and with the right ingredient kit.  I make sure to add in all of my tips and tricks to make sure that you have a successful brew day.

A lot of the homebrew clubs and forms that are around the internet does a really awesome job of getting over your head.  When I started my first brew I was very nervous about all this math that I needed to do and all of the acronyms that I needed to memorize that I messed it up.  I didnt have videos like this that could have made it so much easier to understand and enjoy.  This is why we came together to bring you this series.

This is a video series that goes step by step through the brew day and then day by day through the rest of the process.   Once you are finished with this series you can go to the store, buy you equipment and ingredient kit, and work through each video from brew day to the day you open your first brew.

To make your first brew you will need:

How much does brewing beer cost?

Depending on which recipe kit you go with depends on your total cost for your first brew.  However, we need to break down the cost over the total amount of beer that you will get from a 5 gallon kit.  On average you will get 50 beers out of 5 gallons of beer.  (Your equipment kit + Recipe Kit) /50 beers = 3.62 per beer for the expensive kit or 3.08 per beer for the cheapest kit.  Keep in mind that you pay $4.00 per beer at most bars.  From then on your cost for a craft is cheaper than what you can buy at a grocery store.  You can average a cost between $1.02 and $0.48 per craft.

If you can make a meal with the use of a recipe and not burn your house down, kill yourself or your dog you can brew beer!  This video series proves it.  I do not go into any kind of tests involved, I do not mention specific gravity or temperatures needed because you do not need to know this yet.  You are a beginner, enjoy the process of making homebrew.


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