Is it too late to start a garden?

is it too late to start a gardenWhen you ask a man why they do not quit the job they have, the two answers that are given are that there has to be a roof over the families head and food on the table.  It is not a big secret that I love to talk about gardening and homesteading.  When I posted a few podcasts that were from last year I had a person that contacted me with a comment. The comment is below.  I did not want to start a conversation about how to start a late garden via twitter, so I did a podcast on it!  Gardens are not hard, just require a little bit of work to get started.  It is not just putting seeds in the ground at this point.  There are some extra steps that you need to take.

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Is it too late to start a garden?

  • Why this is a manly topic
  • When is the best time to start one
  • How to have the best luck with starting in summer
  • How to have the best luck with starting in winter
  • How can permaculture help with these seasons

Resources used in the show today came from multiple sources throughout my life.  Some of the ideas came from the permaculture course that I took a few months ago, my grandfather, and a few other people that I have looked up to.  It is important to have these kinds of people in your lives that really help to make you a better person.

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