Spotting and Stopping Someone From Drowning

drowning spotting it and stopping itIt is really hot around my area right now and people everywhere are finding ways to beat the heat! For a lot more of us this means that swimming pools are opening up for the summer and this means that people of all ages go for a swim.  Growing up we have all learned that drowning meant looking a certain way and we were to always call the lifeguard to help.  What if I told you drowning didn’t look like the way we were supposed to see it look like.  What if I told you to save a drowning person wont be as easy as we see on TV.  There are a lot of reasons why people don’t necessarily drown like they are supposed to.  This is where I am stepping in today.

Over the next week all of the shows will be throwbacks.  I will be on vacation allowing my brain to relax and taking some time off to be with my friends and my family.  While I am away, I will be using the social media outlets and answering emails.  Thank you for understanding and I look forward to bringing you more awesome content with a fresh mind.


  • First, what is memorial day and what do we remember on this day
  • The short version of the article Drowning Does Not Look Like Drowning
  • My background in lifeguarding
  • My rescues while lifeguarding
  • Reach, Throw, and Go
  • What drowning looks like
  • How to approach a drowning victim
  • Differences between drowning victims
  • How to escape the grasp of an active drowning victim
  • What to do at shore

If you have not checked out the CPR or Medical Pt. 1 shows, give them a listen to.  I compound on the subject in the show.

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