4 Things You Should Know Before Visiting The Beach

4 things you should know before visiting the beachEvery year millions of people visit the beach for their yearly vacation.  Most people that visit the beach will do it during the summer which is why I have waited until now to do a show related to the subject.  Most of us Gentlemen make sure that we are prepared before we go however there may be a few things that you forgot.  The list that I have prepared for your listening pleasure has a lot to do with safety and then the last part is me stepping into the “Dont Be That Guy” mode where I rip into personal pet peeves that people do at the beach.  The show today is meant to be light hearted and somewhat comical with a touch of information to keep you and your family safe this summer when you go on vacation.

Over the next week all of the shows will be throwbacks.  I will be on vacation allowing my brain to relax and taking some time off to be with my friends and my family.  While I am away, I will be using the social media outlets and answering emails.  Thank you for understanding and I look forward to bringing you more awesome content with a fresh mind.

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What should I know before going to the beach this year?

    • How to escape a rip tide
    • Dealing with heat related emergencies
    • How to stop the stinging of a jellyfish
    • Beach Etiquette

Resources used in today’s show:

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