how a medic deals with a snakebite

How A Medic Deals With A Snakebite

how a medic deals with a snakebiteAround the world, every single day, someone gets a snakebite.  Rather or not the snake is poisonous or if the possibly poisonous snake actually put venom in you can be figured out later at the hospital.  I am not going to discuss how to figure out the snake but what you should do if it happens.  This is an emergency medical situation that has to be understood because it could potentially be a life threatening situation.  A snakebite can happen in a split second and the first thing that people what do to is run away.  Wrong.  Then they want to use some ancient and outdated information about how to deal with the snakebite like cutting and sucking out the venom.  Wrong.  So what are you supposed to do?  Listen to the podcast today where I, as a trained medic, explain what I would do in this situation and then what the experts say to do.  Along with this life saving information you really need to learn about some misconceptions that people have about snakes.  We do have to make sure we are taking care of our ecosystems and learn how to interact in our environments.  Also I wanted to throw in some “Gee-whiz” information.  I really think you will enjoy the show today and also learn how to keep you and your family save through the summer.

How does a medic deal with a snakebite?

    • What are the most dangerous snakes around the world
    • How do you keep from getting bit
    • How do you treat a snake bite in the field
    • How are antivenoms made
    • Misconceptions about snakes

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