Permaculture Design Principals – Sectors

Permaculture design principals sectorsMy new fascination with gardening is permaculture.  This set of principals and ideas are ones that make life easier.  I will encourage you and anyone that would listen to me to take permaculture teaching to heart and develop your yard and life around this concept.  Today we are going to talk about sectors.  Sectors in permaculture can be seen as how energy moves.  How does energy move through your property and how can you harness this for your own personal gain.  We are going to go through all of the sectors that I can think of so that we can get a good picture of how not only do these sectors effect your property but how they work together and in harmony.  If you have to ask the question of “why is this a Gentleman concerning topic” you really do not get it.  If you have to ask this question, you need to listen to the end of the podcast!

What are permaculture sectors and why should I care!?

  • What are sectors
  • What do sectors in my property do
  • Discussed sectors:
    • Wind
    • Sunshine
    • Water
    • Storms
    • Wildfire
    • Frost
    • Noise
    • Pollution
  • How is this a topic for gentlemen
    • a rant that most have already heard

Resources used in the show:

All information was learned through a few different resources.  The first one was a introduction to permaculture which was FREE through  Thank you to Jon Butcher for bringing this class to my attention!

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