Getting Out Of and Staying Out Of Debt

getting and staying out of debtDebt has the power to either be a leverage-able asset to you and your family or it has the possibility to completely destroy it.  I personally have not struggled too much in my life with debt in thanks of how my parents raised and taught me on the subject.  Borrowing money and taking out loans are not all one in the same.  There are different kinds of loans available for you to get into, all depending on what is leveraged behind it.  Welcome to the wonderful and confusing world of borrowing money.  By listening to this podcast you are going to get out of your money hole and have the information and tools to get you through any other financial issue in the future.

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How can you get and stay of of debt?

      • What is debt
      • How does debt ruin lives
      • How debt helps people
      • How can you get out of debt
      • How can you stay out of debt
        • Starting a business
        • Family stuff

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