8 forms of capital for gentlemen

8 Forms Of Capital for Gentlemen

8 forms of capital for gentlemenIn business there is a concept that many people either do not know or they ignore.  They focus on making money or just the financial capital while ignoring the other 7 forms of capital.   A healthy business does not just focus on making money but also by developing all kinds of capital.  Just like in most things that we talk about on this show, it can be be used in another way to help us develop and distinguish ourselves as gentlemen. We can take these forms of capital and look at them in the context of appreciating and raising your family.  Just like in business when raising a family, you are trying to accomplish goals and teach them skills.  With a little bit of understanding we can learn how to better teach our children and take care of our families.  Originally this was an article written for permaculture businesses and it will be mentioned a few times in the podcast.  You can find the article link below in the resources part of the post.

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What are the 8 Forms of Capital?

  • Intellectual
  • Experiential
  • Cultural
  • living
  • Financial
  • Material
  • Social
  • Spiritual
  • What they all mean
  • How they can be used in the home

Resources used in today’s show:

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