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prepping 101 shelterYour home is your shelter and your castle.  Take a hot second right now and think about what you would do if your home was taken away from you.  This can be in the form of it burning down, knocked over, blown apart, washed away, or foreclosed on.  All of these are disasters and should be considered apart of your plan to survive just in case something does effect your shelter.  This series I have taken a further look into the five survival needs.  They are food, water, security, energy, and shelter.  I have already spoken on Food and Energy and can be found by clicking on the hyperlinks provided.  Your idea may be that you can hunker down in the woods for an extended period of time or until things go back to normal, but will your family be safe, secure, or warm?  Join me today as we dive into the different aspects of keeping your shelter ready for a disaster.

Keep in mind that four year old Katarina needs our help to purchase a diabetic alert dog.  Her story and how you can help can be found in the podcast where I interviewed her and her parents.  Man Up and donate to her go fund me page.

Kat Needs Our Help

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How do you prepare for keeping your shelter?

  • A cold reality
  • How to diversify
  • How to protect your selter
  • How to sell getting another shelter
  • And paying for it
  • How to prepare your shelter for a disaster

Resources used in the show today:

Activist Post

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