Tree Planting 101

Tree planting 101In no way shape or form is there a stock that is 100% able to increase your profits 10 fold, and if there is you need to punch that guy in the face for lying to you.  I can guarantee you that a tree can though.  Ignoring the fact that a tree will help you be more self reliant and give you free calories from delicious non chemically drowned fruit, there are so many benefits to planting a tree.  I am going to spend the podcast today teaching you all about the benefits of tree planting and busting those myths that people have come up with about it.  It could not be simpler and it could not be more benificial for the environment.  Not to mention how much value that could bring to your life and the life of your family.  Use this summer to find a great place to plant and get started.

Keep in mind that four year old Katarina needs our help to purchase a diabetic alert dog.  Her story and how you can help can be found in the podcast where I interviewed her and her parents.  Man Up and donate to her go fund me page.

Kat Needs Our Help

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How do we plant a tree?

    • When to do it
    • How to do it
    • What trees go where
    • What trees can be put near what
    • How to root cuttings

Resources used in today’s show:

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