The Bloody History of the Barber

the history of the barberThere are not many different trades and skills that date back as far as the barber.  I absolutely love going to the barbershop for plenty of reasons ranging from the conversation to the way that I feel when I walk out of the door.  Take a moment to listen to the history and how they got their profession to where it is today.  There are a lot of reasons why I called this show the BLOODY history instead of just the history.  I personally had NO idea that the barber used to also be an amateur surgeon.  What about the pole?  Where did that come from?  Why is it a pole instead of a symbol?  What is with the colors?  Lastly I wanted to discuss how to tip your barber.  Tipping is a big part of keeping a great barber and also a great way to show your appreciation, but I also wanted to highlight the nature of the barber and how they feel about tipping.  If you have a barber, let them know about today’s podcast!

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What is the history of the barber and why is it so bloody?

  • The full history of the them
  • Why do they need license today
  • What is the history of the pole
  • What is a barber
  • Why were they surgons and dentists?
  • How to tip

Resources used in the show:

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