The Basic Firearm Collection

basic firearm collectionWith all of the possible choices for purchasing a firearm in the world, where would you start?  Today I have assembled, in my humble opinion, the basic list of firearms that I feel that everyone that enjoys firearms should own.  But why would you only want a basic collection instead of a massive collection?  I addressed that also with the sobering fact that you not only need a firearm but you will need ammo and training.  In my opinion training is well under stressed considering what you are carrying, but training is not the topic of today’s show.  If you have a different opinion of what the basic firearm collection should be, please meet me on the Skilled Gentlemen Podcast Forum to have a gentleman’s discussion on the topic.

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What is the Basic Firearm Collection

  • Why you want a basic firearm collection and not a massive amount of firearms
  • The basic collection
    • .22
    • Centerfire rifle
    • Pistol
    • Shotgun
    • Trainer
  • How to keep ammo for long term
  • What classes are available to find
  • Why you need to visit Texas to take Bob Maynes Classes

Resources used in todays show

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