Modern Day Cooking for Gentlemen

Modern Day Cooking for GentlemenCooking is one of the basics needs for people.  It is not hard to cook something, however it takes a Gentleman to take food and turn it into a masterpiece.  There have been trends that have been moving around for years and now it has cycled again to what is considered by Skilled Gentlemen Podcast as Modern Day Cooking.  What is this modern day cooking and how can it be applied to your life without costing a lot of money and not taking up hours of your life.  Weather you are single or married, by listening to this episode, you are going to blow this skill out of the park by making food that is healthy and has amazing taste without spending hours inside the kitchen or massive amounts of money at the store.

Keep in mind that four year old Katarina needs our help to purchase a diabetic alert dog.  Her story and how you can help can be found in the podcast where I interviewed her and her parents.  Man Up and donate to her go fund me page.

Kat Needs Our Help

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How can Modern Day Cooking make a difference in my life?

  • The cycles of cooking
  • What is it
  • Why it matters to keep up with this trend
  • How to blow people out of the water with your food
  • 6 simple recipes to master
  • Wine basics
  • How to make your own spices
  • What food labels mean
  • How to save money with this
  • How to save time

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