Extending Your Life- Throwback

This show is a throwback.  I understand that my longer listeners may have heard this one before, but you may not have remembered everything that has been said.  Enjoy Extending Your Life!

Extending Your Lifeextending your life is something that has to be taken seriously.  Some of us gentlemen take life for granted everyday because we feel like we are always going to wake up, we are not going to get into a wreck, and we are not going to have a heart attack.  What if I can teach you how to make yourself even less likely to have a heart attack, develop diabetes, or suffer from Alzheimer’s disease?  What if I told you there are people living in other countries that have life spans well beyond 100 years old without major health issues?  Would you be interested?  What if I sweetened the deal by saying you can still drink wine and have fun?  I am not talking about any fad diet or any kind of pill that you can take.  I am talking about making a lifestyle change to extend our lives.

How Do We Extend our Life?

  • Why we should be worried about having long lives
  • What is a blue zone
  • What is the life expediency of blue zone residents
  • What can we do to increase our life
  • How can we be useful in our old age to justify long lives

Resources today include:

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