9 Apps That You Have To Put On Your Phone

9 apps you must have on your phoneIt seems like we are living in a world full of apps.  If you want to control your house, there is an app for that.  If you want to get a ride, there is an app for that.  If you want to have a fake stalker girlfriend to impress someone, there is luckily an app for that also.  Out of the millions of applications available I have come up with my top 9 favorite.  These range from helping me grow and further my business to keeping all of those really cool ideas in one easy to read location.  With all of this cell phone talk and endorsements toward apps, please keep in mind that none of these are sponsoring the show.  The way that I see it, if you have done a good job you deserve recognition for it.

Once a week I put together a throwback episode.  This is because I am working on a book among everything else.  If you are interest, I will be putting up presale book information.  If you are interested in buying the book, I would suggest going with this option because the copies will all be signed and put in the mail with a special note attached.  Not sure on the cost yet, just keep that in mind.

What Apps Should I Have On My Phone?

  • Zello
  • Twitter
  • Sticher Radio
  • RunKeeper
  • Gmail
  • Pinterest
  • Google Maps
  • Gif Keyboard
  • Zombie Runner

No References were used in todays podcast.

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