Smashing Your Morning Routine

smashing your morning routineThe first thing you do in the morning is wake up.  Everything thing after that is up to you.  For most of us we only have a few moments in between that wake up and leaving for work.  We are missing out on a prime oppertunity to get something done.  Possibly to create a new set of habbits that will push us to be better.  What would you do if you had a few extra hours before you left for work in the morning?  Would you sleep in or would you wake up and follow your morning routine?  There are a lot of different things that we can add to our morning routine that will help us to be better fathers and husbands or help us be smarter or more wise.  The choices are endless, but the main question that I want you to ask yourself.  What if you could design your perfect morning routine?  Would it include breakfast, coffee, walks, excersize, or spending time with the family?  Or would it be spent waking up late and running through the house in an absolute panic?

How do we smash our morning routines?

Join me today as I speak about

  • how to design your mornings
  • tips on waking up early
  • what can you do for your family to help them
  • a simple yet effective breakfast for all
  • a quick workout routine to help get the blood flowing

Resources used in the show:

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