making your home more private

Making Your Home More Private

making your home more privateIn a world that is obsessed with everyone knowing what they are eating, where they are going, and who they are with the possibility of crime occurrence because of it is a lot higher.  As Gentlemen we should be more aware of what we are putting out to the world instead of being worried that our friends know when we are cutting the grass.  With the rise of business that will monitor your credit and make sure that no one has stolen your identity, it makes one wonder, is there anything that we could be doing to make our homes more private?  Maybe just the addition of a few bushes will keep the neighbors from complaining that there is a tomato plant in the back yard.  What if I told you that a private yard and a private home is more valuable than a home that is in the wide open to most buyers.  With all of this being the case, we should consider taking steps to safeguard our family in many different ways that will in turn make our homes safer and more private.

How do we make our homes more private?

  • Why this is a very serious show
  • Why this subject matters to the Gentleman
  • How, without any money, I can find your information easy
  • Plants to grow in front yard
  • Plants to grow in back yard
  • Scrubbing your social media
  • Scrubbing the internet
  • Misinformation
  • Google Street View hack
  • Teaching your children about online presence
  • Why you shouldn’t loose too much sleep over this
    • if you are though…

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