Prepping 101- Energy

prepping 101 energyEnergy is something that we all use every single day of our lives.  When we wake up by the alarm clock, turn on the lights, take a hot shower, brew our coffee, watch the morning news, and so on throughout our day.  All of the aforementioned items above uses energy.  What happens when the energy is not there?  Our lives get interrupted in a way that some cannot function.  This should not be the case in a Gentleman’s life.  Especially when it comes to caring for the family.  Prepping is such a bad word that people like to abuse.  My challenge is to convey to your that it is not a bad word.  Arguably it is not a word for you to tell all of your friends about right away, but a concept that you should really consider adding to your life.  Just from the aspect that it is for the longevity of your family should be enough to consider building this into your life.  Join me today as I dig into how to store, capture, and in general keep more energy in your lives.

How can we build REDUNDANCY in our lives with Energy

  • Why prepping matters
  • How do we prepare to satisfy our energy need as it relates to
    • cooking
    • lighting
    • warmth
    • cooling
    • other neat ideas to consider building

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