Grilling Basics

grilling basicsSpring is in the air.  You can feel it during the heat of the day when you walk outside.  You can smell it as you walk through your grass and stir up the smell.  Your need for a jacket becomes less needed.  Your starting to think about the summer and what involves with it.  Pool parties, camping, holiday parties, and excuses to get outside all lead to one thing.  When you think about men cooking you immediately think of the grill.  The man standing beside the grill with smoke and steam coming out with some amazing food sitting over that glorious flame.  This is the essence of spring.  Grilling out.  But what stands between a normal guy and a grilling master?  Grilling basics.  Today I am going to attempt to teach you about grilling.  If you are new to the concept, which a lot are, you will learn a lot and even if you are a master there is always room to grow.  Don’t be that guy that has a reputation for crappy food.  Gentlemen have the reputation of being able to master the grill!

What are the grilling basics

  • Differences between Gas and Charcoal
  • Burgers
  • Chicken
  • Steak
  • Vegetables
  • General Tips
  • The Ultimate Outdoor Kitchen

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Resources used in Grilling Basics:

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