Prepping 101- Food

Prepping 101- FoodThere has been very little people that have lived that could or want to go a day without food.  The food industry is a multi billion dollar industry.  This means that we should take this subject seriously.  Our families need to eat, regardless of the situation at hand.  Just because there is an emergency, no matter what kind, we all need to put calories into our bodies.  The concept of living day to day with food is one that is foolish.  There is a plethora of different reasons why it is foolish, so we should be storing food.  Today I dive into everything I know about storing food.  From the absolute basics to excuses to give if someone finds your stash.

This begins the shorter series about prepping.  We all have our 5 basic needs and I am going to dive into all of them.  The reason why is so that we can all be prepared to satisfy our needs to keep not only us alive but our families alive.  If you have any information or want to be a guest on the show to explain your methods of prepping, please contact me.  Contact information below.

What are the basics of storing food?

    • how do you do this?
    • How much is enough?
    • How do I keep it from rotting?
    • Where should I store it?
    • How can I keep my costs low?

Resources used in today’s show:

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