Preparing For A Job Loss

preparing for job lossGoing back to 2008, we all saw jobs being lost and worried if we were next.  There is always a possibility that we could loose our jobs and be forced to make difficult decisions financially.  As men we will just stand in fear and hope for the best.  As gentlemen we will prepare for the worst and then reap the benefits if nothing happens.  When you look at what could be the benefits of being prepared for a job loss and how not being could be an issue to your family, the decision to work towards this goal is a no brainier.  As gentlemen and family men should be ready to handle job loss with stride and be prepared to step up our game.  There is even a way to benefit from a job loss, it is all just in how you look at it.

I spoke about analyzing your Net Worth in the show today.  Check out the podcast where I went into depth on the subject

How should we prepare for a job loss

  • When have we seen this happen before?
  • How can you spot being fired early
  • How can you spot your company going out of business early
  • What do you do if you see this coming
    • What to do when you are first hired
    • What to do during your employment
    • What to do if you see yourself getting let go soon
    • What to do after the job loss
    • How a job loss can be an opportunity
  • What if nothing happens

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