Increasing Your Net Worth

increasing your net worthDo you know your net worth?  Regardless of if you like it or not, finances play a large roll in everyone’s lives.  We cannot focus solely on the subject of Net Worth, however it should be cognizant of it for many reasons.  The whole concept at first sounds like a complete waste of time to calculate.  The only people this really matters to are the wealthy and extremely wealthy.  After doing research on the topic I found that keeping up with your Net Worth is an extremely important tool, even for the common gentleman.  The idea is having a snapshot of what your money is doing for you and what your purchases are doing for you.  This can be useful when figuring out if your budgeting is working and if you are planning for the future.  Money is a topic that many people shy away from which can be a horrible thing.  Don’t be too worried about money, but do not ignore what could be staring right at you in for form of a red net worth total.

I do plan to start doing a lot more with the topic of finances.  If you know about dealing with money or work within the industry, please contact me with your information.  I would love to pick your brain at the benefit of the listenership.  Details for contacting me are below.

Why should gentlemen think about their new worth?

  • What does Net Worth mean?
  • Should we care about our Net Worth?
  • How do we calculate it?
  • How can we increase our Net Worth?


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  1. Your article about net worth is helpful for my business study. Thanks for sharing your post.

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