A Gentleman’s Guide To Cologne

a gentleman's guide to cologneHave you ever been in a room and smelled someones cologne well before they stepped into the room?  I am talking about being in the middle of a conversation and get hit by a mac truck of smell and then the guy steps in.  Or when you are getting done working out and walk toward the locker room and have to don a hazmat suit just to get through the fog that is axe spray?  Today we are going to discuss how it should be used.  Contrary to popular belief, cologne should not be an offensive weapon.  Cologne should be discovered when a lady gets close to you.  With this next show in the ever going series of the Gentlemen’s Guide I am going to explain how you should apply your cologne in a way that lures women to you instead of repels them away.

Don’t be that guy, listen to a gentleman’s guide to cologne

    • how much is too much
    • Which one works better
      • body wash
      • spray on
      • aftershave
    • what is the best way to apply it
      • spray and walk through
      • spray on wrist and put on neck
      • spray directly on clothes
    • how is it made
    • how dangerous is cologne to put directly on skin
    • what are some different alternatives to cologne

Resources used in today’s guide:

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