The Rise Of The Modern Gentleman

the rise of the modern gentlemanWhen we think about what a gentleman is, we are taken back to a past time.  This is when we saw the traditional gentleman that had the affluence, money, and didn’t do a lot of hard manual  work.  Most of us cannot live up to that name.  Most of us are working men that want to make a better person out of ourselves.  This is why I am introducing the concept of the modern gentleman.  The modern gentleman is not a hard name to have but it does come with work.  It does come with effort but so does anything worth having.  As modern gentlemen we have a standard that we should create and live up to and that is what I am helping develop today.  We try to live up to this name to become better men, better husbands, and better leaders.  It all starts with a little bit of frustration and the fire starts.  Today’s show will more than likely frustrate, anger, or possibly inspire you to become a better person.  If I can hold up to this, I have accomplished my main goal and done well to the Skilled Gentlemen Podcast name.

How can we be apart of the rise of the modern gentleman

  • My six steps to be a modern gentleman
    1. Fix your own problems
    2. Be slow to anger
    3. Be humble
    4. Take pride in your appearance
    5. Educate yourself
    6. Be your own man

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