Getting Ready For Spring Part 1 of 2

getting ready for springWe have a total of 110 days until last frost date.  What does this mean to us?  It is time to start getting ready for spring time.  Before you know it, spring will be upon us and we will be scrambling to get seeds in the ground, start spring cleaning, getting some house maintenance done, and getting ready for summer break with the kids.  With all of that said, are you going to be prepared?  Today is going to be a mixed bag of subjects related to getting ready for spring.  There is a lot to get done around here and right now when it is 20 degrees Fahrenheit outside, now is the time to prepare.  This is not a hard thing to accomplish, but you have to have your own will to do it.  So what are you going to be getting done for the next 100 days?  Sitting on your couch or getting started on your productive 2016?  Remember when you said you were going to do better this year?  Now is the time to get started on it.

What should we do to get ready for spring

    • Planning the garden
    • Maintenance to house
    • Planning for kids summer vacation
    • Spring cleaning
    • Get ready for allergies
    • Start cardio plan
    • Get yard ready

Resources used in the show:

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