A Gentleman’s Guide To Scotch

A gentleman's guide to scotchScotch is a wonderful spirit with deep roots and a rich history.  If you are looking for a truly transcending drink that you can sip and talk about the old days or just sit in silence and enjoy a smooth drink while watching the snow fall or the grass grow then you have found it.  However, finding the right scotch and knowing how to explain it is a harder thing accomplish.  By the time I finish the show you will be able to tell your peers how the scotch was made and what a single malt is.  Tonight, when you are all done with your daily life, sit down and open a bottle of scotch and think back.  Back to all the men that have enjoyed it before you.  All of the decisions that were made over this drink.  All of the life changing events that were taking place while this was pondered over.  Be apart of the history that is scotch.

What will we learn in A Gentlemans Guide To Scotch

    • how is it made
    • how does it differ from bourbon and whiskey
    • how can we describe the flavor
    • what are the different kinds
    • what is the most expensive
    • what are the necessary accessories
    • how do you order it at a bar without sounding like a bro

Resources used in today’s show:

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