A Farewell to 2015!

a farewell to 2015Today is the final show of 2015.  All but the Christmas special that will occur in a few days.  I wanted to sort of compare the two shows that I have done over my time spent doing podcasts.  The show that came before this one was called Understanding Pets Podcast.  It was horrible.  I had little direction and thus had very little following and listening.  In comparison of what has happened over the past year, I am super excited.  With all of the success of the show I cannot get over how much you guys have done.  I put the content out there and you guys like, share, and listen to it.  I really do appreciate everything that you all do for the show.  So this is a farewell to 2015 because I am not going to do another show until 2016.  A farewell to a lot of different things that I have put into place and a farewell to the anxiety that this show may not work out.

What have we done and where have we come in this farewell special

  • My old show, Understanding Pets Podcast
  • The differences between this show and that one
  • How much you guys really mean to me
  • What is to be expected in 2016
  • The show I did with Bob Mayne called Prepping For Your Pets

Remember that I am taking the last 2 weeks off of December from the podcast.  I will still have Email service, and I will be on the Facebook page.  I am just taking time away from the show.  The reason is because I need to do some reflection and figure out where I want the show to go next year.

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