Meditation For Gentlemen

meditation for gentlemenMeditation is a topic that I have been torn about speaking of for the longest time.  That is until I actually researched the meaning of it.  To me, I thought it was a bunch of nonsense that no one really needed.  However, now that I know what it is really about I have decided to give meditation a try.  The whole idea can be drawn down to having a stress reducer and a way to relax your mind.  If you are anything like me, you have an overactive mind.  I constantly replay events over and over in my mind until I fall asleep at night.  This is a great way to help me quell my mind and help me think clearly.  As crazy as it sounds, there is scientific facts to back the art of meditation and how it is effective.

why should gentlemen be concerned about meditation and how to do it?

  • what does meditation benefit
  • how does meditation benefit that area
  • how do you meditate
  • a guided mediation at the end of the show

Resources used in today’s show:

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