Shining Your Shoes – How and Why

Shining your shoes how and whyShining your shoes is a skill that many men know they need to know.  However they may not either know how or they don’t know why.  The why is always important.  This show goes beyond what to buy and how to do this.  I would not do anything less for my listeners.  Have you ever wondered what is in shoe wax?  What about when you are shining your shoes what is happening to your shoes?  What is the benefit of shining your shoes?  I dive into all of this and at the end I end with my view on why we should all shine our boots.  By the time you finish with the show you will be convinced on why you should be shining your boots and able to explain to your children why they should do the same

Why we should be shining our shoes and how to do so

      • different methods
      • why is an important question to ask
      • what is shoe wax
      • different kinds

Resources used in today’s show:

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