Thanksgiving Special 2015

thanksgiving special 2015Thanksgiving is holiday that most of us stress out over.  We start off by getting uptight about who is coming over.  Then we stress out over what is cooking when.  Lastly we stress out by what people say about our food.  What if I told you that it does not have to be this way.  What if I told you that this is not the purpose of the holiday.  What if I told you that we are missing the whole meaning of thanksgiving by being stress out and mad at other people.  This is the purpose of the show today.  I want to enlighten you about what it really means to celebrate thanksgiving.  What is the history behind it.  I want to tell you about what the purpose of the traditions that we have associated with thanksgiving.  Then a little spin on my reasons we celebrate.

Thanksgiving special 2015

  • History of Thanksgiving
  • Why do we have turkeys on Thanksgiving
  • Why do we celebrate on the last Thursday
  • Why do we make a wish on the wishbone
  • My spin on why we should celebrate on Thanksgiving

Resources for today’s show:

Remember that I am taking the last 2 weeks off of December from the podcast.  I will still have Email service, and I will be on the Facebook page.  I am just taking time away from the show.  The reason is because I need to do some reflection and figure out where I want the show to go next year.

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